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Jenni Murray: The truth is We Women Have Always Come Last in the NHS

Jenni Murray speaking at ‘NHS Employers annual conference and exhibition 2011, Delivering change together’

“Why am I not surprised that women’s health in the UK lags behind most comparable Western countries according to a new Global Women’s Health Index? Our provision is as bad as that in Kazakhstan, worse than China and comes out below the United States, Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany. It confirms what women in Britain have suspected for decades: the NHS promises care from the cradle to the grave, but not if you’re a woman.”

Jenni Murray

Jenni Murray argues that women have always come last in the NHS after the news that a Global Women’s Health Index has found that Britain lags behind other countries which provide for more preventative screening. Read more.

Get Involved! Leicester has a Punk Collective for Older Women


“I’ve got no fucks to give any more about what anyone thinks of me. This is definitely not a ‘cutesy grannies have a go at punk’ band – this is serious fun. We write our own music and we’ve got a lot to say about everything we’re angry about. I’ve been enraged for years,”

Alison Dunne – stage name Fish

Founded last year by 61-year-old Ruth Miller, the aim is to create a local punk scene for older, all-female bands who write their own music. Prior musical experience is immaterial – enthusiasm is everything. Featured in The Guardian, you can find out how to get involved on their website.

Taskforce to Tackle NHS backlog is Stuffed with Private Health CEOs

Sunak met with the CEOs of several UK private health corporations in Number 10 in December.
 | No 10 Downing Street

OpenDemocracy reported that Rishi Sunak hosted a meeting with seven bosses from the UK’s biggest private health companies to discuss how to tackle the NHS backlog. The guestlist was obtained through a Freedom of Information Request.



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