OFN Friday News Digest
The OFN brings you a roundup of the week’s news relevant to Older Women.

Ticket Office closures: Support calls for an immediate halt to rail operators’ plans

Public consultations on rail ticket office closures across the country have gone live. After a year of lobbying, we now move onto the next phase of our campaign against them. And we need our whole community to speak out.

Respond to the consultations using our template letter of objection or write your own to stop these unjust reforms in their tracks


Out of work over-50s cut weekly food bill by £60

Almost half of people over 50 who left work during the pandemic have had to cut back on their weekly food shop by £60 a week, new research shows.

The Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) said 48% who retired in 2020-21 were now living in relative poverty.

The IFS found they were less likely to receive a pension and had lower levels of well-being than earlier retirees.

It said disruption from the pandemic and perceived health risks may have “forced” many to leave work early.


HPV test could reduce the risk of cervical cancer in over-65s, study finds

Women over the age of 65 could benefit from an HPV test to reduce their risk of cervical cancer, a study suggests.

In England, the NHS cervical screening programme does not routinely offer screening to women aged 65 and older.

But some experts argue there should be a ‘catch-up’ programme inviting older women to be tested for high-risk forms of human papillomavirus (HPV) – which increase women’s risk of developing cervical cancer.


Greenham Women Everywhere Update

Five new women’s interviews are now on the Greenham Women Everywhere website.
They are with the wonderful Lainey Claxton, Jewel, Jude Hawes, Sarah Frances and Laila Namdarkhan.

Listen to them talk about lesbian motherhood, DIY, Solidarity, HS2, South Pacific nuclear testing and the power of song amongst many other topics.

Top 10 elderly heroines in fiction

The Guardian highlights the fiercer Older Women in fiction from authors ranging from Agatha Christie to Elizabeth Strout




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