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Older Women ignored as Government seeks views on periods, contraception, fertility, pregnancy and menopause for health strategy

Findings from the exercise, to be launched on Thursday, will supposedly be used to better understand women’s reproductive health experiences over time and inform government health policy. However, the survey age group stops at 55 and totally disregards the input and experiences of Older Women affected by reproductive health, such as long-lasting menopause effects, prolapse, and more.

Read more about the study.

Retired social worker, 73, is quizzed in her own home by hate-crime police for taking a photo of a STICKER that said: ‘Keep males out of women-only spaces’

Police officers quizzed a pensioner in her home on suspicion of a hate crime after she stopped in the street to take a photo of a sticker which said: ‘Keep males out of women-only spaces.’

The sticker had been placed on to a LGBT+ pride poster which had the slogan Stand By Your Trans. Officers told the 73-year-old retired social worker that she had been identified from CCTV footage.

The woman told The Mail on Sunday she was ‘in a state of shock’ when officers arrived at her door. The incident happened in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire – the setting for BBC crime drama Happy Valley about no-nonsense policewoman Catherine Cawood. It comes after fury over police forces failing to send officers to investigate burglaries and other serious crimes.

Read more.

Prime Minister, will you stand up to violence against women?

Sex Matters has written to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak asking him to take action to halt an escalating campaign of violence and intimidation against women in the name of “trans rights”.

Sign the letter here.

Sisters In Law Project from Centre for Women’s Justice

Centre for Women’s Justice has highlighted its Sisters in Law project, which aims to raise awareness of violence against women and the state, provide information and debate around legal cases, campaigns, law reform and policy developments, as well as tell stories of struggles for justice and accountability.  On Wednesday, 5 July, MPs in Westminster Hall debated action needed to address the criminalisation of Black, Asian, minoritised and migrant survivors of violence against women and girls (VAWG).

[T]here is a continuing failure to take domestic abuse and other forms of violence against women and girls seriously. Victims continue to be prosecuted and convicted for offences directly resulting from their experience of abuse.”

Kate Osamor MP

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  1. Thank you for this chance to make a comment. Violence should include verbal ‘attacks’ . There should be a debate on what constitutes aggression . Older women are
    dismissed with an ‘attitude’ of contempt ! I am 80 & have experienced this many times . Institutions should NOT misuse there power. Religious bodies seem to be exempt
    from considering basic human rights of every individual.


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