Protesting the Cost of Living
Getting involved: OFN Member Wendy writes about joining Britain is Broken protest.

The Britain is Broken March was organised by The People’s Assembly with the support of trade unions and socialist groups. Thousands attended in the rain to protest the cost of living crisis. They publicised a shorter route for those unable to do the whole thing so I went to Downing Street and walked towards Parliament Square where I met the March coming up Whitehall.

OFN Member Wendy joins the Britain is Broken Protest

Although the main slogan of the March was calling for a general election NOW, I joined in with the calls to Fight Back.

Even with a Labour government, there will still need to be strikes, protests and resistance to their attempts to make us pay for their crisis. Austerity measures hit the poor hardest and as we know, many older women are amongst the poorest.


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  1. Well done, Wendy
    Though I don’t agree with Coal not Dole – I thought fossil fuels are environment unfriendly.


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