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The OFN brings you a roundup of the week's news relevant to older women.

A roundup of the latest news relevant to Older Women:

2021 Census Findings

More than 1.3 million people in England and Wales identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual, according to 2021 census data. 262,000 people (0.5%) said their gender identity was different to their sex registered at birth. This is the first census that has asked people about their sexual orientation and gender identity. London and Brighton had higher figures than other parts of UK.

Event: Women and the Cost-of-Living Crisis Across the UK

Second annual online conference of the Northern Ireland Women’s Budget Group, Scottish Women’s Budget Group, Wales Women’s Budget Group and Women’s Budget Group on the 1st of February 2023.

We’ll be hearing about women’s experiences of the cost-of-living crisis across all 4 nations, with opportunities for discussion and Q&A with political figures.

The final agenda will be available soon. Register now to get updates.

Register Here

Event: The Sex Industry: A Job Like Any Other?

The event will be a response to the idea that prostitution is a normal job and a reasonable solution to women’s financial desperation, which Nadia Whittome MP and others have recently been promoting in the UK media.

Speakers include Fiona Broadfoot, Esther, Gemma Aitchison, and Mia de Faoite.

Click here to book your ticket.

Event: WDI Weekly Webinars

This online webinar series, Radical Feminist Perspectives, offers a chance to hear leading feminists discuss radical feminist theory and politics. Every Sunday at 10 am UK time. Register here.

Health & Social Care News – Dec 22

The latest edition of Health & Social Care News, produced by the NPC’s Health & Social Care Working Party is out now.

With articles on Hospital transport, Care cap delay, GP workforce, and much much more

Download the newsletter here



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