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The OFN brings you a roundup of the week's news relevant to Older Women.

A roundup of the latest news relevant to Older Women:

Shocking Recent Figures on Excess Winter Deaths

Join the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) Winter Deaths Funeral Procession on January 19, London, in protest at the huge number of people dying from cold-related illnesses.

NPC members dressed in black will carry a coffin representing the tens of thousands of annual ‘excess winter deaths’ set to be announced by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) on Thursday, 19th January 2023.

Approximately 2,500 more people died than usual in the week ending 23 December in England and Wales, the highest in 2 years, numbers from the Office for National Statistics reveal.

Are these happening because the vulnerable can’t afford heating?

New Film Released: Adult Human Female

The first UK documentary feature to look at the clash between women’s rights and trans ideology. In record time, the trans movement has captured the big institutions. The police, the political parties, the media, the universities and major corporations have taken up the cause in the name of inclusiveness. But is it really harmless when men identify into the female sex? Is it progressive for doctors to modify the bodies of young people in the name of changing their ‘gender’? There has been a manufactured confusion around sex and gender. At the same time we are told that ‘there is no debate’. Dissenters are cast as ‘haters’ and cancelled. This is not only a struggle to defend women’s rights. At risk is safeguarding for children and young people, biological reality, reason and even democracy. Reality denial comes at a price.

A look at the clash between women’s rights and trans ideology:

Art: Why is the National Gallery failing to properly showcase female artists?

Catherine McCormack discusses the National Gallery’s treatment of the artist Eva Gonzalès.

The Donkey Ride by Eva Gonzalès, circa 1880-82. Photo: Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

Event: Education For Women’s Liberation

Focusing on education in feminism and women’s lives, the conference will address interconnected themes including: women’s voices in education; sexual harassment in schools and universities; the history of women’s access to education in local and global contexts; the ways in which women’s entrance into education and research has changed workplaces and academic disciplines; the impact of gendered stereotypes in educational spaces, and sex and relationship education in schools.

This event is organised by WPUK and supported by FiLiA and Southall Black Sisters.



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