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The OFN brings you a roundup of the week’s news relevant to Older Women.

Major victory for LGB people secured by LGB Alliance

European Court of Human Rights rules that Russia and 16 other European countries must pass civil partnership laws for same-sex couples

Charging the Sick for Being Sick? Don’t you Dare

The National Pensioners Convention (NPC) is supporting the 38 degrees petition ‘Charging the sick for being sick? Don’t you dare’. Healthcare is a right for all of us.

Sign the petition here.

Event: National Day of Action to Save the NHS

Tomorrow a National Day of Action has been called by Keep Our NHS Public and SOS NHS. Get the details on your local event here.

Save the Date: National Demonstration to Save the NHS on Saturday, 11 March

UK state pension age may rise to 68 in 2030s, reports say

The UK state retirement age could rise to 68 by the end of the 2030s, reports this week have claimed – prompting headlines about millions having to work longer and many being condemned to “misery and poverty”. The Guardian looks at what is actually going on.



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