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Fun, Free and Expert-led – sign up to a longer, healthier life with the Open University

Today, the Open University has launched a free, UK-wide public health campaign: Take Five to Age Well. 

Taking place during the UN’s Decade of Healthy Ageing, the campaign invites you to join a community making small daily changes for better ageing across 5 categories: 

Eat, Drink, Move, Connect, and Engage and Think. Sign up online and commit to 30 days of healthy ageing habits that will boost your health and well-being now and into the future.

They offer various support channels, including regular emails and a reminder WhatsApp ‘coach’. This is open to everyone – ageing well research suggests “the sooner, the better but never too late” to adopt these habits – why don’t you sign up today: https://nquire.org.uk/mission/take-five-to-age-well

Age UK highlighting how to make a Windrush claim

My name is Glenda and last month I shared my experience of being a victim of the Windrush scandal with staff at Age UK. It was great to learn that Age UK are speaking to the Government about stories like mine, and what they can do to fix its failing Compensation Scheme. 

I was born in Dominica but came to the UK in 1961 at only 3 months old in the arms of my parents, so the UK is the only home I’ve ever known. I grew up in London and spent 20 years working for the NHS. 

I first found out I wasn’t considered British in the 90’s, when I tried to apply for a passport to visit my dying mother in the Caribbean. The Home Office made it really difficult to get the right documents and eventually I gave up. I didn’t realise the scale of the problem until I was forced out of my job a few years later for the same reason.

Not only was it impossible for me to get a new job but I also couldn’t access any benefits and lived 10 years without an income.  

Even my son, who was born here, was unable to get his citizenship. We weren’t able to work, or pay into a pension, or go to see our family abroad. It was devastating. 

When it finally came to light that people like me had been wrongfully treated as illegal immigrants, it only took the Home Office a week to finally give me documentation. And eventually, I was offered compensation for some of my loss in earnings.  

If you want to learn more about the Windrush Compensation Scheme, please visit Age UK’s website here.

From retired school teacher to battle rapper

A retired woman who took up battle rap to help dispel the stereotype of “old, white-haired women” is the feature of a new documentary.

Joy France from Wigan, started taking on opponents in performances after she was told the poetry she wrote as a hobby matched the rhythm of the genre.

A battle rap sees two rappers exchange insults and boasts through word play in front of a crowd.

Ms France said there was a “magic” in stepping outside of your comfort zone.

“All my life I was quiet and shy and not creative until my mid 50s,” the 66-year-old said.

“It’s a life of two halves, the old me wouldn’t have done anything like this whatsoever, so this is really from one extreme to another.”

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